Sunset Villa Platter.
3 Sandwiches of Your Choice (2 fish only)
Kitchen's Choice Platter.
3 Sandwiches chosen by our kitchen.
House Special.
Herring (your choice), Smoked Salmon, Spiced Pork,
Roast Beef, Frikadeller, Liverpate, Cheese (your choice),
Basket of French & Rye Bread.
Starburst Platter.
Herring (your choice), Filet of Sole, Smoked Salmon,
Mackerel, Basket of French & Rye Bread.
Viking Platter.
Filet of Sole, Frikadelle,
Cheese (your choice), Roast Beef
Basket of French & Rye Bread.
Cheese Platter.
Havarti, Esrom, Roquefort & Camembert.
Prices Are Subject to Change.